Titan Hospitality Management and Development

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Service & Quality Management Superior guest experience and product quality are the cornerstone for the overall success of each hotel's top line revenue growth.
Exceeding guest expectation in service and delivery builds guest preference and loyalty, resulting in repeat business. Our objective is to build a culture that captures the essence of high quality service with an uncompromising approach to product quality.
Courtyard Deptford Fitness Courtyard Deptford Station Fairfield New Cumberland Pool
Courtyard Chicken Sandwhich Fairfield Fruit
Food & Beverage Management Delivering a quality food and beverage experience is a matter of priority for our operations. Our Bistro operations serve a variety of healthy and comfort food in a contemporary setting.
Following brand guidelines coupled with local favorites to satifisy the distincitive palates of our customers is very important to us.
Sales & Marketing Management Disciplined approach to local area sales efforts to outperform the comp set is the bedrock of our sales success.
A working sales and marketing plan is the foundation of creating targeted objectives and implementing strategies to accomplishing sales goals for each Market Segment. Our goal is to be a leader in each market and out-perform the competition by share shifting from the comp set.
Accounting & Financial Management Bottom Line Management through clearly defined operating standards and guidelines sets us apart as a successful hotel company producing industry-exceeding results.
Our profitability model focuses on line item cost control, labor management and uncovering savings potential without compromising quality. Our objective is to maximize bottom line performance and yield high flow through margins.